Lake Dorothy

Lake Dorothy (Stevens Pass)

Lake Dorothy is a pretty easy hike, all things considered. It’s less than 2 miles to the lake, and then it’s a long lake. I have done the hike twice in the Spring of 2015. The first time it was drizzling, the second was much better. I haven’t gone to the end of the lake yet, nor to the nearby lakes (which make it 11.5 miles, roundtrip).

There are a few steep sections, but they are really short. The elevation gain is about 1200′, so it’s a pretty gentle uphill walk the entire time. The trail next to the lake does goes up and down a bit, and offers a wide variety of terrain. Plain dirt, roots, and big rock areas.

The lake is fantastic. Clear water, steep shores. I’ve seen a guy in an innertube on the lake. It’s a destination for overnighters who hike to other nearby alpine lakes, so there will always be people there.

The Trail

The trail itself is ok. There are sections of packed dirt, dirt and roots, and occasional rocky sections. There are some steps, but overall it’s not an over-developed trail. A few stretches by the lake include the rocky fill path. This is where the borders of the path are logs, and dirt and rock are filled in between the logs. I’m not a big fan of these, because the rocks used are large, and some are very pointy.

If it’s a hot day, stop on your way back at the big bridge. The creeks that run through there have a few spots to wade in and soak.

The “Day Use” section of the lake doesn’t really afford much room to sit and view the lake. You’re better off finding a different spot along the trail.


Sturdy shoes, rain jacket and pants (just in case). I have worn my The North Face Ultra 109s for both hikes. It’s a pretty short hike with few steep inclines. Trekking poles not really needed. Just need water and some snacks, or lunch if you’ll be there for awhile.


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