Granite Mountain (Snoqualmie)

Hike #1:

Ass-kicking hike, if you want one. I did this one two weeks or so before I first climbed Helens. My legs were so done, the next day I could barely walk. So naturally, we went to IKEA to work out the lactic acid in my muscles.

Lactic acid wasn’t the problem, though. Extreme overuse from hiking that damn mountain was. Walking through IKEA was another adventure. Randomly my legs would give out, and I’d wobble. I looked like a runway model who just lost her high-heel balance.

So if a hearty hike is on the menu, this is a good one to order.

Beginning at the trailhead, you go through the forest. Typical walk through the woods. Later it gets better, as you climb back and forth through avalanche chutes and meadows where you can see across the valley. After breaking out of the trees, you’re in the open among the ground cover. There were tents here, for a few intrepid hikers who stayed the night. Too bad the morning forecast was overcast with a slight drizzle.

As you follow the trail through the bushes, you’ll eventually reach a flat top portion of the mountain. If it’s early in the season, there will likely be snow. Which there was. It is possible to march up to the lookout at the peak, the snow route is a lot shorter. I wasn’t wearing good clothes to be in the snow, so I did not attempt climbing up.

Be forewarned; if the weather isn’t sunny, it’s going to be miserable at the top unless you bring warm clothes. There’s very little cover up there, without going way off trail.


Hike #2:

Hiked it in the rain. It was fabulous. It still is a hard hike, but well worth it. And with the lack of substantial snow in the winter, the path to the outlook was wide open. It’s a bit of a chug to get there, but it’s pretty awesome. I have to go back when it’s a good weather day.

Keep an eye on your pack, if you go outside. The wildlife love to get in there. Too many hikers being irresponsible, so now the squirrels and chipmunks have no fear.



The trail is well traveled and maintained. I would choose waterproof shoes or lightweight boots, as there could be some wet sections on top. Bring something warm to put on if you plan on taking in the views and the weather is less than ideal.

Life finds a way...
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